Navanex does all the naval architecture thinking for you

Dream. Create. Navigate.

Our expertise? Naval architecture. Our team of experts sets itself apart from the rest thanks to its versatility, its capacity for innovation, and its distinctive approach. Our mission is to simplify naval architecture and provide custom boat design, production engineering for shipyards, and boat stability analysis for the marine community.

Our SSI-Corporate certified design team uses the latest version of ShipConstructor to conceive, design and produce vessels.

Whether you have a dream or a specific project in mind, we are here to support you throughout the design process, from production to sea trials!


Our values

  • Pride

  • At Navanex, we take pride in everything we create. There are no words to describe the sense of pride we feel when we launch our vessels. There is no better feeling in the world!
  • Team Spirit

  • We all navigate together on the same charted course and the bond that unites us is unbreakable. The Navanex crew is a tight weave!
  • Accuracy

  • Because at sea, there is no room for mistakes. Absolute precision is required of our team when designing perfectly integrated, fully operational, and safe vessels.

Our promise

Just imagine what you want, and we will get it on board!

There is a sea of possibilities on the horizon and Navanex is here to make your dream boat a reality.

Our approach

At Navanex, we are committed to understanding your day-to-day life and addressing your challenges to make life easier. Our team is at your disposal to determine your needs and propose innovative solutions.

We know that naval architecture can seem complex. We strive to explain this field of expertise in easily understandable terms to make it accessible to our clients. You can put your trust in us. We make it simple! WE’RE HERE FOR YOU!

What makes us different

Our team excels at executing its projects with precision. Each design is carefully developed for optimal production.

Choosing the Navanex crew to design your boat means opting for safety, innovation, and performance.

Have a naval architecture or maritime engineering project?