Navanex thinks about naval architecture for you.

Navanex creates a vessel that meets your needs and supports you every step of the way.

Choosing Navanex as a partner to design your vessel means choosing safety, innovation and performance.

Your partner of choice

Navanex creates a vessel that meets your needs and supports you every step of the way.

Your partner of choice

Our expertise in shipbuilding allows us to meet state-of-the-art criteria and to design vessels adapted to your needs.

We assist you at all stages, from the design process to the launching of your vessel.

See our most recent achievements and their technical specifications


Crab boat or trawler 65′ x24′ (19,8 x 7.3 m)

The look of a large vessel in a small boat. This hull has been finely tuned for the perfect balance between a crabbing and trawling configuration.

F/V Executioner

Multipurpose fishing vessel 87’ x 27′ (26,5 x 8.23 m)

A large multipurpose fishing vessel with extreme reliability and stability to take on the Atlantic Ocean under all conditions. This vessel fishes year-round off the coasts of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, between crab and groundfish seasons.

F/V Russell’s Legacy

Multipurpose fishing vessel 87’ x 27′ (26,5 x 8.23 m)

Sister ship of the Executioner, we were contracted to provide support to the shipyard and its client in the construction of its vessel under the Navanex licence.

F/V Nathen K

Trawler 87′ (26.5 m)

A trawler dedicated specifically to groundfish fishing, especially rockfish. It is equipped with a forward line processing system, which allows to optimize the quality of its catches.

P/V L’Estuaire

Passenger vessel 48′ x14′ (14,6 x 4.26 m)

L’Estuaire is a passenger vessel focused on the customer experience for coastal exploration and marine mammal watching in the Saguenay-St. Lawrence Marine Park.

F/V Mila Ray

Crab fishing vessel 72′ x 24′ (22 m x 7.3 m)

A typical Nova Scotia crab fishing boat.

PEC S12 and PECS13

Dump barge 50 m3

Dump barge for dredging works. This ultramodern equipment is efficient and durable for dredging operations in small ports.

Le Hervé

Push tug 34′ x 14′ (10,3 x 4.2 m)

A robust work boat, navigable in shallow water and adapted to be transported by road.


Nordic tugboat 34′ x 13′ (10,3 x 3.8 m)

Twelve units of this boat were built to serve the communities of Canada’s Far North. Our design had to be adapted to the region’s rough operating conditions of the region.

Skiff 21

Support vessel for Seiner 21′ x 11′ (6.4 x 3.4 m)

Connors Bros. Fisheries commissioned Navanex to design a small 21′ (6.4 m) boat with a maximum weight of 12,500 lbs (5670 kg). We had to overcome several challenges, as this vessel had to offer optimal bollard pull.

Voir nos plus récentes réalisations et leur fiche technique

Nos experts sont là pour assister les chantiers navals dans leurs réalisations. Que ce soit à partir de nos conceptions ou d’un projet externe demandant une mise en production optimisée et adaptée, Navanex est en mesure de fournir des plans de production justes et précis.

Notre expertise en construction navale nous permet de comprendre les besoins des chantiers navals et de leur offrir l’opportunité de se démarquer en construction navale.

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