Navanex Launches a Brand-New Multi-Purpose Large Fishing Vessel

Navanex Launches a Brand-New Multi-Purpose Large Fishing Vessel

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Gaspé, November 7, 2023

Gaspé-based naval architecture firm Navanex is launching its latest multipurpose fishing vessel. The company’s fourth large vessel, built at Chantier Naval Forillon, will be delivered in the spring of 2024, after two years of design, construction and completion. This vessel is intended to set the standard for modern fishing vessels under 24 metres in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the Atlantic. Its versatility will allow it to fish all year round, from snow crab in spring to redfish in autumn and winter.

In January 2023, two Navanex engineers boarded the Executioner (2016), a ship of their own design. During this ten-day trip, the two naval specialists became fishermen among the crew in order to understand exactly what life was like on board and to confirm certain elements of their design.

Following this field study, a number of improvements were identified. These included the need to improve the safety and ergonomics of operations on the fishing deck, to review the optimization of energy efficiency – to reduce fuel consumption and cut CO2 emissions – and finally, the importance of considering certain options in terms of product processing to ensure superior quality upon landing.

The design of this new trawler, whose name has yet to be revealed, will therefore reflect these elements. According to the Navanex team, this new vessel will go far beyond what is currently offered by the competition.

First of all, the shape of the hull, and its bow bulb, have been refined to reduce flow resistance, and a new recessed stabilizer fin system has been added. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis was then carried out to confirm the efficiency gains. In addition, a ballast water system is now included, enabling the trim of the vessel to be configured to suit different fishing conditions.

To comply with environmental and energy standards, the Navanex team equipped the vessel with a Yanmar propulsion engine fitted with a NOx exhaust gas treatment system – Propulsion IMO III. A load sharing system was also added. This technology, designed by the Chantier Naval Forillon team, enables the integration of small generators to meet the ship’s energy needs more efficiently.

The process now includes fish spraying, non-contact sorting and glazing using a “Slurry Ice” liquid ice-generating system, to optimize the fishing process and meet export market requirements. The ship’s cargo holds over 200 660-litre isothermal containers, kept in a refrigerated hold at -15 °C. These improvements enable the redfish to preserve its bright red colour throughout the process.

In addition, various aspects of on-board health and safety have been redesigned. Notably, the ergonomics of the working deck, on-board circulation and visibility from the control station, where blind spots have been significantly reduced.

This new state-of-the-art vessel will be delivered to its owner, Pêcherie Turbide, in the spring of 2024. This optimized model can also be resold and built by other shipyards. Navanex is very proud of this powerful, stable, safe, reliable and durable trawler, which was specifically designed for the resurgence of the redfish market in the Gulf and Atlantic. Navanex considers it to be the best large vessel under 24 metres ever built.

To learn more, professionals can meet the Navanex team at the Chantier Naval Forillon booth at the North Atlantic Fish & Workboat Show in Saint-Jean-de-Terre-Neuve on November 17-18.


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